Our software solutions for semiconductor production meet the highest technical requirements and can be individually adapted to your needs. All configurations are individually set up for your production. 

You choose the modules that meet your requirements and needs. And we take care of the details. In addition to setting up the software, regular updates and training for employees, we offer you 24×7 support.

During the development of the applications, we have placed particular emphasis on user-friendliness, clarity and an attractive design. All modules offer an individual, clear user interface with the respective functions.

The solution is based on a strict platform architecture. This allows the simple and effective integration of new modules. These can be modules for APC as well as for other functionalities. The user has homogeneous access to all integrated modules via one interface.

Logo litho apc

lithoAPC is  a detailed data management of exposures and Overlay/Critical Dimension  analysis data. It allows detailed tracebility for all events and data. There is unique approach to merge incoming data and it supports for all use cases of lithography.

These are the modules of lithoAPC:

modul Critical Dimension litho apc

modul Overlay litho apcmodul RuntoRun litho apcmodul Master Data litho apc

Logo cmp apc

The CMP extension is integrated into the lithoApc server and lithoApc desktop. It appears as separate plugins. Also, for CMP only users a dedicated installation can be combined, which contains only those file, which are needed for CMP only.

These are the modules of cmpAPC:

modul cmp apcmodul RuntoRun cmp apcmodul Master Data litho apc

Here are some impressions from lithoAPC and cmpAPC